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Colorado has changes in stamp sales

Hunter type may no longer be available to collectors

The state of Colorado initiated a number of changes in their stamp sale procedures in 2001.

Stamps are no longer available for sale through the state agency and must be purchased from the Colorado Wildlife Heritage Foundation.

The Foundation offers mint and artist signed stamps, as well as prints. Single mint stamps will carry a premium, costing $9 for the $5 stamp. Only mint sheets of 30 are offered at face value.

In what the state calls a “modernization,” the agency notes that they have returned to the main focus and purpose of the program – to generate funds and support for waterfowl-wetland conservation projects.

One change that will affect many stamp collectors is that hunter-type stamps will now be available only through license agents and that the stamps will no longer be sold with the tab attached. The state believes this move is necessary to streamline the program and reduce the cost of operation.

The suggestion has been made to the Wetlands Program Coordinator that the hunter-type stamps be made available for sale to collectors after the end of the hunting season, a procedure followed by many states. The Foundation has indicated a willingness to handle the sale of the hunter stamps, if the state legislation can be changed.

Interested collectors are encouraged to send their opinions to Alex Chappell, Wetlands Program Coordinator at: alex.chappell@state.co.us

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