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Federal Jr. Duck Stamp Sales Explode!

by Bob Dumaine

The sale of Federal Junior Duck Stamps will no longer be handled by the Duck Stamp Office in Washington, DC, effective last February.

Along with the federal duck stamps, and other licensed products, the DSO is out of the retail business, and wholesale business too, for that matter. The Junior Duck Stamp will now be acquired from the Philatelic Agency. This increased exposure has already resulted in 9,115 stamps sold since November 2001.

The Junior Duck Stamp began in earnest in 1993, and has a face value of $5. It is not required, or valid for hunting, but a true bonanza to youth in all 50 states, Washington, DC, and the U.S. Possessions. The stamps are very well done, and the entries quite spectacular. This program has been well-received by all, and offers competition for youngsters. Those with talent blossom, others learn to develop talent, all under the guidance of their teachers.

I heartily support this program, and hope the Department of the Interior makes the stamp legal one day. Why not change the existing law of allowing those 16 years and younger that now hunt free to buy a JDS? The $5 cost is only about the cost of a box of shotgun shells, and it would raise a lot of additional funds.

The answer seems obvious; what politician in their right mind would suggest a tax on kids that hunt ducks? However, these kids that hunt ducks can kill more than many adults, so why not teach them the cost of their pleasure?

The program of the Postal Service selling the JDS is a test, so if you feel so inclined, buy a Junior Duck Stamp from them to show your support. The DSO and Postal Service will decide by the end of this year, so put your order in today!

SHDC has experienced a tremendous demand for the older issues recently, and dealer supplies are limited.

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