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Pitt Waterfowl Stamps

Pitt Waterfowl Management Assoc. is a non-profit, charitable conservation association established in 1972. It is a totally volunteer organization made up of a number of concerned individuals and representatives from a number of the Fish and Game Clubs in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.

The group was initially established to work to improve the populations and the habitat of waterfowl in the Pitt River Valley of the Lower Mainland area of British Columbia. The interests and activities of the group have since spread out to encompass all areas of British Columbia and other provinces in Canada.

The first project that the group undertook was to work on the problem of lost habitat and the resultant low numbers of wood ducks in the area. The early success with this species let to a rapid expansion into the rest of British Columbia and other provinces.

In addition Pitt Waterfowl sponsored two major scientific surveys on the habitat and bird populations in the Pitt River Valley.

PWA developed a major Canada goose enhancement project. Young geese were purchased from all over North America and raised in holding pens around the Pitt Valley for two years. The 500 adults were all banded and released to the wild.

In Saskatchewan, PWA collected eggs from nests in a gadwall colony. These eggs were transported to British Columbia, hatched and reared there for a year. The birds were then banded and released to various areas of the Lower Mainland.

Pitt Waterfowl has also done experimental work with propagating pintail, teal, wigeon, shoveler, white-winged scoters and canvasback ducks.

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