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Tennessee is back in the hunt, Other states dropping stamps

Tennessee abandoned their duck stamp in 1996 in favor of electronic point of sale terminals. Late last year, their legislature passed a law requiring the wildlife agency to issue at least one duck stamp a year. They stopped short of requiring it for hunting however, so the stamp will fall into volunteer category, as does New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and now Michigan.

In Tennessee, the volunteer stamp will employ the winning design of the Federal Junior Duck Stamp Contest winner from Tennessee, definitely a fine thing to do with their youth's artwork. It will mark the first time the winning state junior artwork will be depicted on a state stamp. The artwork is by Bethany Carter, Kingsport, Tennessee, formerly a student at Central High School, presently attending college.

The new Tennessee stamps are now available at their face value of $10 each. For the first time, the stamps are issued in sheets of 30, rather than the computer card of the past.

South Dakota has eliminated their duck stamp and replaced it with a migratory bird certification stamp. It is required to hunt, as is the electronic duck stamp, but it supports the HIP data gathering effort, and is administered by Ducks Unlimited. The 1999 stamp will have a face value of $3, and is available from the state agency.

Idaho advises they are not going to issue a 1999 "sticky art stamp," as they put it, but will continue to require a printed validation of the stamp on the license form. Louisiana will go to an electronic license as well, but is considering placing artwork on the printed receipt.

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