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Form 3332ís stolen

A postal history dealer was robbed of a large amount of his stock at a stamp show in New York City last fall.

The dealer, Lawrence Muller of Portland, Ore., lost a great deal of postal history items, including a recently discovered pad of 20 Form 3332. Other postal documents relating to duck stamps were also stolen.

Form 3332 was considered very rare prior to the discovery of 20 examples by Muller. Until his find, only about six had been known.

Form 3332 was used to request a Form 3333, the blue cards used by hunters in lieu of state licenses, which are now popular among duck stamp collectors.

Very few examples of Form 3332 survive because of their bland appearance and relatively unknown purpose. The rarity of these forms should create suspicion if a number of them are now offered in the marketplace.

Should any Form 3332's suddenly become available, it would be wise to contact Lawrence Muller at 503-241-1903.

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