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New Jersey issues Veterans stamp

New Jersey’s former Governor, Christine Whitman (now head of the EPA), signed into law some long-awaited initiatives late in 1999. The changes generally provided more funds for fish, waterfowl and game preservation, and operating overhead. While waterfowl stamps remained at the same rates, some “free” licenses and stamp programs were established. The red overprinted stamps are hand stamped to order.

This program is similar to the California free stamp/overprint program of years ago. These stamps have shown substantial appreciation due to the difficulty collectors had in obtaining examples.

Details of the New Jersey program are numerous, so we will focus on the waterfowl area. The new law states, in part, “FREE hunting and fishing licenses, a pheasant and quail stamp, a state duck stamp, and a trout stamp will be issued to all qualified disabled veterans.” The plan provides for reimbursement from the State’s Treasury to the Division of Fish and Wildlife for the cost of the stamps.

Stamps became available to collectors after July 31, 2001. Thanks to Jack Stewart of New Jersey, a disabled veteran and devoted hunting and fishing stamp collector, for providing the data.

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