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Federal duck prints and posters

The 2002 federal duck stamp print is available with a number of different options.

The Collector Edition print is numbered and signed by the artist, Joe Hautman. The edition is limited to 10,500 prints.

The Medallion Edition comes with an accompanying 24-karat gold plated medallion. Limited to 2000 prints.

The Executive Edition is accompanied by the medallion and carries a detailed pencil remarque in the margin of the print. Only 300 of the Medallion Edition will be produced.

Top of the line is the Presidentís Edition. This special edition, made available by popular demand, includes a distinctive 24-k gold and silver-plated bronze medallion and a full-color remarque. The original hand-painted remarque makes each of the 300 prints a unique and beautiful piece of artwork.

In addition to the prints, the artist has published a Duck Stamp Poster. The posters measure 16Ē x 20Ē and can be ordered with Hautmanís signature.

The black scoter is the last of North American huntable waterfowl to appear on the federal duck stamp. With its release, all of the 42 species will have been depicted, fulfilling a long-standing goal of the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service.

Prints and posters can be ordered through SHDC.

Please note: franming and stamps not included in print prices

  • Collector Edition $189.
  • Medallion Edition $329.
  • Executive Edition $975.
  • Presidentís Edition $1195.
  • Duck Stamp Poster $25.
  • Duck Poster - signed $49.

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