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The Clown ducks of RW19

The harlequin duck featured on the 1952 duck stamp, RW19, gets the vote for the most understated species on a federal duck stamp. These dressed to the teeth ducks were named after an 18th-century Italian costumed clown, with a face to match.

This beautiful duck, splashed with black, white, indigo, and a bright chestnut color scheme is one of nature's finest works of art, extremely disguised on the stamp by the mono-color ultramarine.

The harlequin duck is rather anti-social, and seldom mingles with other waterfowl species. Perhaps the harlequins just frighten others away with their non-conformist markings. Seldom seen in the lower 48 states, the harlequin spends its life mostly in Alaska and Greenland, with occasional trips as far south as Oregon and Washington.

Artist Ken Michaelsen, has added a color remarque as a tribute to the stampís artist, John Dick, now deceased. The color remarque pictured illustrates the hidden beauty of this species, and adds to the stamp's appeal. Since the first 25 federal duck stamps were all printed in one color, remarques enhance the reality of the species.

A remarque can add substantial beauty and warmth to a collection, especially if personalized to taste.

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Additional Samoke of Michaelsen's work on RW19. Stamps available for $275 each

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