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Foreign Duck Stamp Update

The majority of the 1998 Foreign duck stamps have been issued, however, there are a few delays and changes to report.

The First of Nation issued by Italy has been released.

Ireland and Sweden have delayed the 1998 issue, and will probably release them as a 1999 stamp.

Denmark will not issue a stamp in 1998.

1998 issues for Canada and its provinces have been received, along with Israel, Russia and the United Kingdom.

At this time, we have no information on Mexico or New Zealand. When we are able to determine if a stamp for 1998 was released, we will let you know.

Since 1989, when the first foreign duck stamps were issued, there have been 16 countries and 14 provinces issuing stamps. Countries that have issued stamps but have discontinued their programs include: Argentina, Australia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Iceland, and Venezuela.

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