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Hunters Association takes over Michigan program

The Michigan Duck Hunters Association is pleased to announce that under the terms of a memorandum of understanding between the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the Michigan Duck Hunters Association, the Association has assumed responsibility for conduct of the Michigan Waterfowl Stamp Program.

On February 27, MDHA held the 1999 Michigan Waterfowl Stamp Competition. The featured bird was the Northern Shoveler. The winning artist is Dietmar Krumrey, of Manistique, Mich. Only artists who previously won a Michigan duck stamp contest were invited to participate in this year’s contest. The 1999 stamp will be the 24th issue for Michigan, who began their program in 1976.

All stamps, prints, or other merchandise will be sold or licensed by MDHA under the terms of the competition entry agreement. MDHA awards a 1st place prize of $6,000, plus other considerations.

The MDHA has taken this step to preserve the tradition of the Michigan Waterfowl Stamp, which was about to be abandoned by the DNR.

Frank Nagy, president of MDHA notes, "We did this not merely for ourselves but for the waterfowl art community and all Michigan waterfowlers."

For further information contact Bob Bissonnette, P. O. Box 22, Auburn, MI 48611. Bob is Michigan Waterfowl Stamp Program Coordinator for MDHA.

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