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2010 State duck stamps on the way

We are receiving announcements of the winners of several state contests for their 2010 stamps. Winners so far include:
Oklahoma Waterfowl Stamp design competition first place goes to John Brennan of Lutz, Fla. The wildlife artist's winning painting portraying a lone ringneck duck on the water will be featured on the 2010 Oklahoma Waterfowl Stamp.
Brennan is a junior music major at the University of South Florida.

"Backwater Wigeon" by Peter Mathios has been selected as the 2010 Texas Duck Stamp.

Jeffrey Klinefelter wins Nevada’s duck stamp contest with a painting of two northern shovelers near a patch of reeds. The win marks the fourth time the Indiana artist has claimed the Nevada Duck Stamp contest with wins in 1996, 2001 and 2006. He also won the Nevada Trout Stamp art contest in 2002.

All of the winning entries can be viewed on the NDOW website at www.ndow.org/wild/stamp/.

Darren Maurer has won the Iowa Duck Stamp Contest for an unprecedented fourth time.

Maurer's painting of a Hooded Merganser drake was judged the best from entries from around the nation. It will be featured on the Iowa duck stamp for the year 2011. The painting will also be the Iowa Ducks Unlimited sponsor print for the same year.

This win earns Maurer the honor of becoming the only artist in the thirty-eight year history of the Iowa art contest to win the Iowa Duck Stamp four different times.

Maurer was previously tied with artists Paul Bridgford, Dietmar Krumrey, and the legendary Maynard Reece with three Iowa stamps each to their name.

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