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Alberta’s newest conservation stamp

Since 1964, the province of Alberta has issued stamps to validate a variety of hunting licenses. However, in 1998 the government of Alberta changed the method of issuing hunting licenses and the stamps became obsolete.

In 1998, there were two different stamps issued in Alberta, but, neither was an official hunting stamp.

According to Dwayne Miner, the first 1998 Alberta stamp was issued by W.I.S.E. (Wildlife In Trust and Safe Keeping Thru Education), a quasi-governmental non-profit organization, issued a stamp in booklet of one format, much like the Canadian federal stamp.

The stamp has an $8 face value, but it was never meant for sale. It was intended as an "in house" presentation item for volunteers and donor. A print of the artwork was produced.

The W.I.S.E. stamp features a Canada goose by Alberta artist Rich Berg. Only 2500 stamps were issued, with virtually all used by the foundation and only 150 finding their way into the collector market, making this stamp difficult to acquire. A second issue for 1999 is planned.

The Hines ProGuide firm released its third booklet stamp for Alberta in 1998, it pictures a cougar. This stamp is similar to many of the issues of the other provinces, including Nova Scotia, British Columbia and many more.

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