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Tribute remarque creates bidding frenzy

Duck stamp collecting has entered an entirely new stratosphere, evident in the realizations of the June 27, 2001, Sam Houston Philatelics auction.

Federal and state duck stamps featuring remarques continues to be popular with collectors. A remarque is an original piece of art added to the selvage of the stamp by the stamp artist. A “tribute” remarque is done by another artist, honoring a deceased artist.

An RW1 featuring a mallard dropping in brought a winning bid of $3,100 plus 10% commission, against a presale estimate of $1,200. The remarque on the stamp, a tribute to Ding Darling, was by Ken Michaelsen, the artist for the 1979 federal stamp.

Other remarqued stamps that caught the attention of the bidders included an RW50 by Phil Scholer, which sold for $400 (est. $350) and a 2000 Montana stamp by Joe Thornbrugh picturing a lab pup and decoy that brought $280 (est. $200).

Another duck stamp item that showed strong collector interest was an RW1 on license from the state of Maine. In spite of heavy wear, the license sold for $625 (est. $500). A number of other duck stamps sold for over Scott Catalogue value, including an RW1 graded VF-XF NH ($900 vs. SCV $750); RW6 with pns, VF-XF NH ($280 vs. SCV $200); and an RW11 XF NH ($130 vs. SCV $87), once again showing superior stamps will bring above average auction results.

However, the sale was not restricted to strong prices on duck stamp material. A very nice selection of U.S. material was offered, again bringing above or close to estimates.

A #3 with 2001 PSE brought $675 against an estimate of $425 and a #4 realized $675 (est. $600). An unused #129 with 2000 PFC sold for $1,050 (which is actual SCV). Trans-Mississippi’s, Pan American’s and Pan

Pacific’s also made an excellent showing. An XF OG #292 sold for $1,300 (SCV $1,250); an XF NH copy of

#294 with a SCV of $32 sold for $80 and a jumbo XF NH #295 (SCV $31) brought $290.

Prices realized for the entire sale may be viewed at our web site: shduck.com.

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