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Washington missing duck stamps

The Department of Fish and Wildlife in Washington state has reported that a number of 1998 migratory bird stamps are missing.

In a statement from licensing manager Bruce Crawford, he reports the state cannot locate approximately 6027 stamps.

With a face value of $6 each, the loss totals $36,162.

The department reports the missing numbers (last four digits) as: 4741-42, 4771-72, 4774-77, 4779-80, 4791-92, 4794-97, 4799-4800, 4876-77, 4881-82, 4886-87, 4066-67, along with numbers 18001-24000, and 25322.

Anyone encountering 1998 Washington duck stamps with these missing numbers is asked to please contact the Washington state license sales manager: Diane Ludwig at 360-902-2456.

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