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Frequently Asked Questions:

State Duck Stamp Information
State Duck Hunting Stamps are required in many state to hunt ducks in combination with a federal stamp. The state stamps listed herein basically conform to the format of the Scott Federal and State Duck Stamp Album. You will note some states have dual listings for stamps; this is because those state issue both collector and hunter or tab-style stamps. Plate Number Singles are available for a 5% premium over singles price when available.

Artist Signed Stamps are normally available as listed and are guaranteed genuine. The symbol indicates the artist is deceased. When ordering artist signed stamps follow the catalog number with an "(s)" for example AL1(s).

Subscription Service is available to supply you with stamps on a monthly basis; you just sit back and receive your stamps each month! Charged to your Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express; $200 monthly minimum; subscribers receive automatic 15% and higher discounts.

New Issue Service is available for state duck stamps. Receive all the current duck stamps at just $1.50 over agency cost! Two shipments per year (sometimes we have a few stragglers later). The most convenient way to be sure you get all the stamps issued in a year.

Governor's Edition are legal stamps valid for hunting, and issued in small quantities. These stamps have a high face value and are sold by states for special fund raising purposes. When ordering these mint or hand-signed stamps, follow the catalog number with a G(mint) or G(s) for hand-signed. Pages to fit Scott binders are available for $19.95 plus $3 shipping.

Print Prices are listed courtesy of Sport'en Art Sullivan III. We can usually sell prints at 20-30% less than these prices. We stock most prints and/or can obtain others on request. Please call for specific quotes and availability on prints. Please note Sport'en Art's foreward regarding print prices, and we quote: "Print prices are estimations of current insurance value to replace prints. Prices vary according to availability and size of the initial edition. These values merely reflect the recognized cost for immediate replacement. Better prices may be obtained, these represent an average guide to you."

Auctions: We conduct regular auctions containing duck stamps and prints as well as United States and worldwide stamps and collections. Write or call for a catalog, or view online at We also accept consignments for sale at auction. Fee is 15% or $10 a lot minimum charge. Lower rates available for larger consignments. Please send material with an actual value of at least $1,000.

Federal Duck Stamp Information
Sam Houston Duck Company's comprehensive catalog of Federal Duck Stamps and Prints has been compiled to provide collectors the most complete information ever offered. A large variety of material is offered herein, such as mint and used stamps, unsigned stamps without gum, plate blocks, artist signed stamps, errors, prints and collateral material. Please note that we may not have all material in stock, particularly the rare items. However, we will be plased to accept your want list for these items and advise you of price and availability when acquired. Explanations provided below are to assist you in understanding some of the philatelic terms used here.

All stamps guaranteed genuine, seven day return privelage.

Note: RW1-20 were wet printed and due to the jumbo size of the stamp, natural gum bends or skips may be present on some stamps. They are not considered a fault, unless excessive.

Centering & Gum F-VF - Perforations clear design; will please most collectors VF - Nicely centerd, better than F-VF grade. XF - Nearly perfect centering, premium stamp. NH - Gum is original and in post office condition. H - Gum has a hinge mark present.
Condition Mint - Post Office fresh. Used - Signed by hunter/user. Premium Used - As above, with discreet or very light signatures.
Artist Signed Autographed by the artist; the value here is the signature. Early scarce issues may or may not have gum. Modern Issues should be NH. The symbol indicates the artist is deceased.
Plate Block All plates are mint, NH, original gum, well centered F-VF or better, with selvage on two sides. Note: RW1-25 and RW31 are plate blocks of six; all others are plate blocks of four stamps. Extra Fine centering is generally available for a premium.
Prints We stock most items and can obtain others on request, call for specific quotes and availability of prints.
Prices Prices in italics indicate uncertainty due to scarcity, availability or condition. The abbreviation "POR" means Price on Request. Prices subject to change; incorrectly stated prices subject to revision.
Catalog # Federal duck stamps are catalogued according to the year in which the stamp was issued. For example, the first duck stamp, issued in 1934, is RW1. If you are ordering by the expiration date on the stamp (i.e. expires June 30, 1946), please back up one year and order the 1945 stamp.

Stamp Terminology and Factors Determing Value:
Block: An unseparated group of stamps at least two stamps high and two stamps wide.

Booklet Pane: Small sheets of stamps cut to be sold in booklets.

Cachet: A design on an envelope.

Centering: Position oif the design on the stamp.

Error: A stamp with something incorrect in the design or manufacture.

First Day Cover: An envelope which has a new stamp on it along with a cancellation showing the date the stamp was released.

Gum: The coating of glue on the back of a stamp.

Mint: A stamp in the same condition as when it was issued.

Pane: A full sheet of stamps (as sold by the Post Office or other agency).

Plate Block: A block of stamps with attached margin bearing the plate number used in printing the sheet.

Plate Number Single: A single stamp with attached margin bearing the plate number used in printing the sheet.

Selvage: The margin of unprinted paper around sheets of stamps.

Tongs: A tool resembling tweezers with round or flat tips, used to handle stamps.

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