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1AK28State Duck Stamp 0.00 0.00
1AK7 (s)Artist Signed State Duck Stamp 0.00 0.00
1Michigan Fish and Game License and Club Badges Coil Bound ColorLiterature 37.00 37.00
1California Pictoral Hunting and Fishing Licenses BW InteriorLiterature 20.00 20.00
1Voluntary Wildlife Conservation Stamps Vol 1 Coil Bound ColorLiterature 37.00 37.00
1Nebraska Small Game, Hunting and Trapping, Licenses 1901-2009 Coil Bound ColorLiterature 65.00 65.00
1Prints of J.N. DarlingLiterature 19.95 19.95
1Duck Stamp St and Wild Duck Chase HCLiterature 37.50 37.50
1RW26 Vanity PlateVanity Plate 8.95 8.95
1Lot of 45 Stamp Print ProofsProofs,1709470768179.00179.00
1Duck Stamp Story SCLiterature 14.95 14.95
1Federal Duck Set F-VFRW Set,17094909964593.004593.00
1RW7 Vanity PlateVanity Plate 8.95 8.95
1DVD Story of Jay DarlingStory of Jay Darling,1709491444 19.95 19.95
1White Ace pages thru 2008White Ace pages 26.20 26.20
1Texas Fish and Game Stamps Perfect BoundLiterature 20.00 20.00
1Catalog of State Fish and Game License Badges, Tokens and Tags BW InteriorLiterature 20.00 20.00
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