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1RW78 Hinged-FVFFederal Duck Stamp 17.00 17.00
1RW75b XF-Superb NHFederal Duck Stamp135.00135.00
1RW12 (s)Artist Signed Federal Duck Stamp650.00650.00
1RW32 XF NHFederal Duck Stamp175.00175.00
1RW65A Hinged-FVFFederal Duck Stamp 28.00 28.00
1RW12 XF NHFederal Duck Stamp195.00195.00
1RW12 FaultyFederal Duck Stamp 12.00 12.00
1RW13 VF NHFederal Duck Stamp 55.00 55.00
1RW31 UsedFederal Duck Stamp 8.00 8.00
1RW29 Hinged-FVFFederal Duck Stamp 55.00 55.00
1RW10 FaultyFederal Duck Stamp 15.00 15.00
1RW71 Plate Block NHFederal Duck Stamp Plate Block 85.00 85.00
1RW63 FaultyFederal Duck Stamp 7.00 7.00
1RW33 XF NHFederal Duck Stamp175.00175.00
Shipping ($2.00 minimum Foreign, Alaska, and Hawaii may be higher): 2.00
Sub Total + Shipping (Foreign, Alaska, and Hawaii may be higher):1614.00

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