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1RW52 Hinged-FVFFederal Duck Stamp 10.00 10.00
1RW33 Unsigned-FVFFederal Duck Stamp 30.00 30.00
1RW58 UsedFederal Duck Stamp 8.00 8.00
1RW23 (s)Artist Signed Federal Duck Stamp275.00275.00
1RW4 F-VF NHFederal Duck Stamp275.00275.00
1RW39 Unsigned FltyFederal Duck Stamp 3.00 3.00
1RW78A F-VF NHFederal Duck Stamp 19.00 19.00
1RW78 XF NHFederal Duck Stamp 42.00 42.00
1RW44 XF NHFederal Duck Stamp 40.00 40.00
1RW19 (s)Artist Signed Federal Duck Stamp750.00750.00
1RW38 F-VF NHFederal Duck Stamp 35.00 35.00
1RW41 Premium UsedFederal Duck Stamp 7.00 7.00
1RW47 VF NHFederal Duck Stamp 15.00 15.00
Shipping ($2.00 minimum Foreign, Alaska, and Hawaii may be higher): 2.00
Sub Total + Shipping (Foreign, Alaska, and Hawaii may be higher):1511.00

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