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  Federal Duck Stamp Information

Sam Houston Duck Company's comprehensive catalog of Federal Duck Stamps and Prints has been compiled to provide collectors the most complete information ever offered. A large variety of material is offered herein, such as mint and used stamps, unsigned stamps without gum, plate blocks, artist signed stamps, errors, prints and collateral material. Please note that we may not have all material in stock, particularly the rare items. However, we will be plased to accept your want list for these items and advise you of price and avaialability when acquired. Explanations provided below are to assist you in understanding some of the philatelic terms used here.

All stamps guaranteed genuine, seven day return privelage.

Note: RW1-20 were wet printed and due to the jumbo size of the stamp, natural gum bends or skips may be present on some stamps. They are not considered a fault, unless excessive.

Centering & Gum F-VF - Perforations clear design; will please most collectors
VF - Nicely centerd, better than F-VF grade.
XF - Nearly perfect centering, premium stamp.
NH - Gum is original and in post office condition.
H - Gum has a hinge mark present.
Condition Mint - Post Office fresh.
Used - Signed by hunter/user.
Premium Used - As above, with discreet or very light
Artist Signed Autographed by the artist; the value here is the signature. Early scarce issues may or may not have gum. Modern Issues should be NH. The symbol indicates the artist is deceased.
Plate Block All plates are mint, NH, original gum, well centered F-VF or better, with selvage on two sides. Note: RW1-25 and RW31 are plate blocks of six; all others are plate blocks of four stamps. Extra Fine centering is generally avaialable for a premium.
Prints We stock most items and can obtain others on request, call for specific quotes and avaialbility of prints.
Prices Prices in italics indicate uncertainty due to scarcity, avaialability or condition. The abbreviation "POR" means Price on Request. Prices subject to change; incorrectly stated prices subject to revision.
Catalog # Federal duck stamps are catalogued according to the year in which the stamp was issued. For example, the first duck stamp, issued in 1934, is RW1. If you are ordering by the expiration date on the stamp (i.e. expires June 30, 1946), please back up one year and order the 1945 stamp.


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