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1AK9State Duck Stamp 14.00 14.00
1AL12State Duck Stamp 9.00 9.00
1Pr-WFWD2Print 45.00 45.00
1Pr-ME3Print 35.00 35.00
1Pr-ILH1Print 99.00 99.00
1Federal Duck Plate Blocks 1934 2002Supplies 26.99 26.99
1Pr-AK1Print 59.00 59.00
1AK28State Duck Stamp 8.00 8.00
1AL9 printState Duck Stamp150.00150.00
1AL12 printState Duck Stamp150.00150.00
1AL22 printState Duck Stamp 75.00 75.00
1RW2 Unsigned-FVFFederal Duck Stamp165.00165.00
1AL14 printState Duck Stamp150.00150.00
1AL24 printState Duck Stamp 75.00 75.00
1AL3 printState Duck Stamp200.00200.00
1AL16 printState Duck Stamp150.00150.00
1AL15 printState Duck Stamp150.00150.00
1AL6 printState Duck Stamp225.00225.00
1AL5 printState Duck Stamp150.00150.00
1AL4 printState Duck Stamp225.00225.00
1AL25 printState Duck Stamp 75.00 75.00
1Showguard Mount Size 66 BlackSupplies 11.95 11.95
1Showguard Mount Size 167 BlackSupplies 15.25 15.25
1AL20 printState Duck Stamp 75.00 75.00
1AL23 printState Duck Stamp 75.00 75.00
1Stearns and Fink AlbumAlbum275.00275.00
1AL17 printState Duck Stamp150.00150.00
1RW2 XF NHFederal Duck Stamp1525.001525.00
1AL7 printState Duck Stamp225.00225.00
1RW12 (s)Artist Signed Federal Duck Stamp650.00650.00
1RW19 FaultyFederal Duck Stamp 10.00 10.00
1RW19 VF NHFederal Duck Stamp 85.00 85.00
1RW19 Premium UsedFederal Duck Stamp 16.00 16.00
1RW19 Hinged-FVFFederal Duck Stamp 30.00 30.00
1RW19 Unsigned-FVFFederal Duck Stamp 18.00 18.00
1RW19 XF NHFederal Duck Stamp165.00165.00
1RW19 UsedFederal Duck Stamp 9.00 9.00
1RW19 F-VF NHFederal Duck Stamp 65.00 65.00
1AK21State Duck Stamp 10.00 10.00
1AK4hState Duck Stamp 8.00 8.00
1RW85ss (s)Artist Signed Federal Duck Stamp225.00225.00
1RW82 Plate Block NHFederal Duck Stamp Plate Block195.00195.00
1AK37hState Duck Stamp 15.00 15.00
1RW82A F-VF NHFederal Duck Stamp 45.00 45.00
1RW20 (s)Artist Signed Federal Duck Stamp2000.002000.00
1RW88A VF NHFederal Duck Stamp 32.00 32.00
1RW20 UsedFederal Duck Stamp 9.00 9.00
1AK4 (s)Artist Signed State Duck Stamp 25.00 25.00
1RW82A VF NHFederal Duck Stamp 49.00 49.00
1AK36hState Duck Stamp 15.00 15.00
1RW20 FaultyFederal Duck Stamp 10.00 10.00
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