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America’s Darling: The Story of Jay N. "Ding" Darling

Jay Norwood "Ding" Darling, who won two Pulitzer prizes for his editorial cartoons, was one of America's true conservation pioneers. Darling's love of the outdoors and his passion to preserve it is well documented, but conservationists now have the chance to learn more about the man who conceived the idea of the federal duck stamp program and drew its first design. Darling's great-great-grandson, Chris Steffen, hosts America's Darling, a DVD chronicling his ancestor's illustrious career.

Click on the video below for a preview of this absorbing documentary.

DVD, appx 60 minutes $14.95


White Ace Duck Pages: Pages hold single stamps and are 3-hole punched, loose leaf, with colored and decorative borders. Nice, heavy white stock.
  • White Ace pages through 2012 ... $32.75
  • 2009-10 Supplement ... $4.00
  • 2011-12 Supplement ... $4.00
  • Blank pages (10 count) ... $7.50
  • Binder and slip case ... $46.25
  • Binder Only... $26.90
  • Slipcase Only ... $19.35
Plus shipping & handling.

Stearns and Fink Album: The Best Federal Stamp Album! More than just a stamp album - the Stearns and Fink album is an elegant way to display your stamps. One stamp per page with detailed artist, print, stamp, and duck information, through 2014, Three Volume Set
  • Stearns & Fink Album ... $255.00
  • 2013-14 Supplement ... $40.00
  • Volume III Binder and Slipcase ... $60.00
Plus shipping and handling.

Artsafe Print Album: Padded burgundy leather portfolio, 18.75" x 14.25" x 3"; Comes with 5 acid-free polyester envelope pages which will accomodate and store 20 prints; Mat board with 7.75" x 10" opening accomodates the most popular duck print sizes.
  • Artsafe Portfolio Album (as pictured)... $289.00
  • Additional Mat (print openings on both sides) ... $24.00
  • Additional Mat (12 stamp openings, both sides) ... $24.00
  • Additional Mat (print opening on one side and 12 stamp openings on the other side) ... $24.00
$12.00 shipping per item

Fishing Stamp Album: Scott binder compatible pages. Over 200 pages and 1,500 spaces through 2000, pictorial issues, by Howard Richoux and Bob Dumaine.
  • Complete Setup - Album pages, Scott binder & slipcase and three packs of precut mounts, plus free shipping! ... $129.95

  • Pages only ... $89.95
  • Scott Binder (3-ring) ... $36.75
  • Slip Case ... $29.99
$6.00 shipping
The Duck Stamp Story
Written by Bob Dumaine and Eric J. Dolin

The most comprehensive and exciting book ever written on the Federal Duck Stamp Program. Hunters, stamp collectors, conservationists, art enthusiasts, and bird-watchers will enjoy this book for years to come!

Hardcover – $24.95 (Reg. price $29.95)

Softcover – $15.95 (Reg. price $19.95)

$5 shipping and handling will be added. $2 for each additional book.

For more information on The Duck Stamp Story, click here.
Worldwide Packet
We have purchased a huge holding of worldwide duck stamps, and are pleased to offer for UNDER FACE VALUE! Among the 30 different stamps are First of Nation issues from Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

30 Different Issues
Now $99.95
Federal Duck Sets
Federal Duck Stamp Sets
Buy an entire set of ducks and save over 50% catalog!
RW1-81 Mint F-VF NH
Scott Catalog: $6731.50

Special: $4885.00
Duck Stamp Remarques

These are very special, one-of-a-kind stamps on which the artist of the stamp has personally drawn or painted a dog, decoy, lighthouse, and/or duck. The artwork is obatined by commissioning the artist for their work, and generally the stamps take time to complete. All are either signed or initialed by the artist. The photographed stamps are examples of some that are available. Since no two are alike, you satisfaction is guaranteed. This is a great way to add that special touch to your collection.

Prices starting at $75.00 ... Call 1-800-231-5926 or email us to inquire about availability
Stamp Print Proofs

45 different, mostly duck, Stamp Print Proofs, some conservation. On card, most do not show stamp denomination. Some say "sample." Very interesting group.

License Plates

RW7 Vanity Plate 8.95

RW26 Vanity Plate 8.95

RW42 Vanity Plate 8.95
$1.50 shipping per license plate

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